Elderly Affairs

Deputy Chief Michael L. Kinch is the Cumberland Police Department's Elderly Affairs Officer.

Deputy Kinch, a seventeen year veteran of the Department and has been the Elderly Affairs Officer for ten years. He has been trained by the American Association of Retired Persons (A.A.R.P.) and the Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs to recognize crimes that impact our older residents. Sergeant Kinch attends yearly seminars to stay up to date on the latest issues concerning our seniors.


The Cumberland Police Department offers several programs to ensure the safety of our seniors.

R.U.O.K. [Are you OK?]

An automatic calling system that checks the well being of our older citizens. Participants provide information such as what time they would like to be called, a friend who has a key to their home, and medical history information. This information is entered into a computer that calls the participant at the time they designate. If the phone is not answered, the information is printed out at our dispatch center and a police car is sent to the home.


The Cumberland Police initiated this program to ensure the safe return of residents who may wander away from their home. The program requires a registration form containing the following information: Name, Address, Photo, and any additional information. This information is kept secure at headquarters. If a patrol officer comes into contact with a person experiencing memory difficulty, they are brought to the station and the officer refers to the binder to identify the individual.

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The Department also offers several informational seminars to our senior citizen organizations on topics including:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Telephone Fraud
  • Personal Protection
  • Crime Prevention

Important Phone Numbers:

Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs 401-222-2858

Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General 401-222-4400

Cumberland, RI Police Department
1380 Diamond Hill Road Cumberland, Rhode Island 401.333.2500