R.A.D. [Rape Aggression Defense]

R.A.D. is unique self-defense training exclusively for woman.  The R.A.D., Rape Aggression Defense System, advocates realistically employable tactics, without the time investment, ceremony or mystical concepts of a martial art.  It is a course of carefully selected defensive tactics with helpful guidelines for continued personal growth. The program also includes a lifetime practice policy in which any student can return free of charge to practice with the guidance of trained instructors.



The Rape Aggression Defense System is not for the weak at heart. It is a system designed for women who are willing to consider as a viable option, basic education of confrontation principals and personal defense. The program ranges from awareness, risk reduction and avoidance to basic physical defense. It creates the opportunity for women to realize their inner power and strength then see their confidence grow with each         lesson.  Preparation through education and training is usually the best way to survive an assault situation.  Over 100 women have participated.

Captain Christine Crocker is the program coordinator and she can be reached at 401-333-2500 x3005 for an upcoming class schedule. Staff instructors include, Detective Captain Quinn, Lieutenant Reilly, Officers Hooper and Bell.

Cumberland, RI Police Department
1380 Diamond Hill Road Cumberland, Rhode Island 401.333.2500