Why do we need Accurate Contact Information?


One of the primary functions of the Cumberland Police Department is to maintain good lines of communication with the community. The Police department must make timely notifications to residents and business owners when there are emergencies such as Fires, Natural Disasters and crimes against property. Emergency contact information is also important when there are non-emergencies such as road construction or other traffic related issues. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses change often and keeping accurate records can sometimes be difficult. In an effort to make this process easier and more reliable we are asking business owners in the Town of Cumberland to update their contact information.


There are a few different ways to do this. The 1st method is to download the Emergency Contact Information document from this link:

Once downloaded, you can print it on any printer. You may then fill out the form as clearly as possible and mail it to:


The Cumberland Police Department

1380 Diamond Hill Rd

Cumberland RI 02864

C/O David Boyce


The 2nd method used to update your business's contact information is by email. You can send an email to:



Your email should contain the answers to all the questions listed in our Emergency Contact Form. This form is shown on the right side of this page:




If you need to report a non-emergency or are requesting general police assistance, please call (401) 333-2500.







Your email should contain this information:



Business Information

1.) Business Name

2.) Business Address

3.) Business Phone Number


Contact Information:

1.)Primary contact name

2.)Primary contact phone number (home and cell)

3.)Secondary contact name

4.)Secondary contact phone number (home and cell)


Alarm Company Information

1.)Name of Company

2.)Phone number of Alarm Company


Building Owner Information

1.)Name of Building Owner

2.)Phone number of Building Owner






Cumberland, RI Police Department
1380 Diamond Hill Road Cumberland, Rhode Island 401.333.2500